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I-GLAM is a monthly lifestyle & fashion magazine which covers various topics like, fashion, profession, pageant, lifestyle,trends, etc across the globe. It's a part of I-GLAM (Grooming, Modelling & Beauty Pageant Academy). It's first edition will have it's launch on both Digital as well as offline platforms. It features professional from different backgrounds and gives them a platform to make world hear their life story. In the first edition of I-GLAM Magazine, several influential personalities have been featured with their ways to success.On the whole it's about ' Successful Life Stories'. Personalities across globe has showed compassion for I-GLAM Magazine & have shared their stories to the world through it.

For creating your space in I-GLAM Magazine, contact us at info@iglam.in

Origin -India

First Edition Launch - April 2022

Featuring (cover page)- Reema Khanolkar

Total pages- 92

Registration Open: I-GLAM Mr. Miss, Mrs & Junior Bengal 2024... Registration Open: I-GLAM Mr. Miss, Mrs & Junior India 2024...