Welcome to I-Glam

I-Glam is the perfect institution for all those who want to make it big in the Modeling, Fashion, Grooming and Beauty Pageants Industry in India

We believe that everyone is a unique and special creation and We help them discover & manifest their true potential.We provide step-by-step curriculumbased grooming, training, mentorship and ecosystem to all those who are aspiring to make it “Big” as Skillful & Successful Models, Actors, Flight Attendants, Anchors, Public Speakers, Stage Performers, Hospitality Professionals, Pageant Participants, etc.

Welcome to I-Glam

What We Do


A well-groomed person definitely has better influence and hence better chances of success at whatever endeavor he / she is pursuing – be it winning at a beauty pageant or securing a high-profile job or even finding a suitable partner


Modeling gives you exposure to different life skills. It instils in you the confidence to go out in the world and conquer it. Before you know it you’re catapulted to fame and fortune.

Beauty Pageants

We are pioneers in organizing glamorous beauty pageants and fashion shows. Running an event that celebrates intelligence, creativity and beauty positivity is our passion.

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"A premier institute for modeling in east India.Let's fly together in the direction of your dreams.".


" I-Glam ".

I- Glam

" Modelling | Grooming | Beauty pageant Giving wings to young budding talents...".


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Registration Open: I-GLAM Mr. Miss, Mrs & Junior Bengal 2024... Registration Open: I-GLAM Mr. Miss, Mrs & Junior India 2024...