Become a Model

Why Enroll For a Proffesional Modelling Course ?

Acquiring The Skills

To acquire the skills needed to become a successful and proffesional model and also to boost their confidence.

Modelling as a carrier choice

The modelling academies provide aspiring models with specialised courses. Modelling can be a very high paid profession, so you need to be equipped with the correct tools & skills to be a successful model.

Specialised skills

Not all the aspiring models want to just walk on the ramp. It's a very big world of modelling which includes categories like curvier models, kids models or more mature models.

Training by Proffesionals

Highly trained proffesionals conduct classes in voice projection, self confidence, print, runway and castings to help the aspiring models stay ahead of the competition.

Potential Of I-glam School Of Modelling & Grooming

Definition of beauty in india is evolving

Since many years modelling was reduced to only tall and zero figure models, but presently with the acceptance of our society, models are expected to have an outstanding personality, confidence and good communication and professional skills.

The scope getting extended to acting

The models can extend their scope to acting as well. There have been various role models in India, like Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra & Deepika Padukone to name a few, who first proved their mettle in the modelling circuit before making it big in the entertainment industry as well.

Digitalization had created more opportunities for models

With huge recent internet penetration in India and rise of various digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, brands and companies are looking for collaborating with models & actors to promote their brand, services and products.

Need for proffesional guidance

The fashion industry in India is developing by leaps and bounds. Many aspiring models do not have an idea of their carrier path.