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Benefits Of Partnering With Us


I-Glam is the India's largest fashion brand.

Social Media Reach

With huge recent internet penetration in India and rise of various digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, brands and companies are looking for collaborating with models and actors to promote their brand, services and products.

Power Currency

Socialise with the most beautiful and talented people and be a part of star studded events with the I-Glam family. Get work permit.

I-Glam Network

We have a close network with the fashion & beauty products industry which helps us develop mutually beneficial partnerships across all our businesses. We are tuned to the India's major fashion capitals & curate the most influential trends and styles for any business we localise.

Registration Open: I-GLAM Mr. Miss, Mrs & Junior Bengal 2024... Registration Open: I-GLAM Mr. Miss, Mrs & Junior India 2024...